If you are ready to get married, then you are most likely ready to have the relationship you have always dreamed of!

I first meet with each couple to explore some important questions, for example:

• What kind of ceremony do you envision?
• Do you want a spiritual ceremony or a completely secular event?
• Who among your family & friends would you like to honor?
• Will you be writing your own vows or creating them together?
• How long should it last?
• Do you already have children? How can we honor them?
• Do you have special traditions from your family, religious background or culture that you'd like to incorporate?

As we prepare your perfect ceremony, I encourage you to discuss your relationship as a couple. If you choose to explore this option, we might speak about such topics as:

• What are your strengths and challenges as a couple?
• How is your communication?
• How much of the wedding is by and about BOTH of you?

We work together in the weeks leading up to the wedding in order to both plan your wedding ceremony and to strengthen your relationship as well. Your love is too important to cut corners on such a vital moment in your life together, and if we work together, we will do it in a fun, exciting way.



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