When two people find one another and fall in love, there is a faith that we are called towards that reminds us that there may be something bigger than we are in this universe. Choosing to sanctify your relationship before your friends and family is a choice you make but often times doesn't feel like a choice at all- it feels like something we just have to do! I believe every couple has a right to elevate their committed partnership to marriage status, regardless of race, color, spiritual or religious affiliation or sexual orientation. Relationships are hard enough- we need the support of our family and friends!

Your relationship is welcome here! I'm much more concerned about whether you are kind and respectful to one another than what other people think of your relationship. I'm also concerned about whether you are both willing to do what it takes to make your relationship thrive, not just survive!!!


Package A: The Bells and Whistles Package!

Package A offers couples a fully customized experience from start to finish. We meet to discuss the needs and wants of the couple when it comes to their big day. This is followed by three pre-marital sessions that serve to address any challenges the couple might face prior to their commitment, including communication, family stresses, financial challenges and intimacy issues. It is during these pre-marital sessions that we really get to know each other and we also start discussing your ceremony in more detail. Couples have the option of writing their own vows or they can work with us to create the ideal vows for you.

Couples receive “homework” assignments that help us organize the perfect ceremony for you. Several weeks before the ceremony, we meet again to finalize the ceremony structure and make sure we are on the same page! This package includes a ceremony rehearsal that gives us a chance to run through the details of the day with your wedding party usually a day before the wedding. Finally, on the big day, your ceremony is a fully customized, unique ritual that speaks to who you are as a couple and still respects the traditions and styles of their respective families. So, this includes the initial meeting, 3 premarital/planning sessions (with option for more sessions), a rehearsal and the customized ceremony!

Package B

This is our middle of the road package. Package B offers couples the opportunity to customize their ceremony without the limitations of Package C or the all-inclusiveness of Package A. Couples return for a special planning session to discuss your unique needs, wants and ideas for your ceremony and then we email back and forth several times to finalize the structure and feel of your ceremony. Couples will also receive a “ceremony builder” questionnaire that helps provide the necessary information about who you are as a couple as well as how you want your ceremony to look and feel. The nice thing about Package B is that couples still have the option to access a la carte services such as pre-marital sessions, a ceremony rehearsal or even reception meal blessings on a pay-for-service basis. Couples end up with a meaningful, unique service that fits who you are and presents your relationship with taste and humor and there is always the option of a pre-marital session or rehearsal down the road if your needs change.

Package C

This is the simplest ceremony package and includes no bells and whistles, just a great ceremony for the couple who wants a meaningful experience but is not concerned with the customized feel of Packages A or B. Couples meet with me for an initial consultation to briefly describe their relationship, wedding plan and answer some basic questions that help us set up your ceremony. There is no access to me in person after the initial visit until the day of your ceremony. Your ceremony is created from a set structure that lasts approximately 15-20 minutes and includes a brief homily about love and relationships. Package C is ideal for couples who desire a special ceremony at a budget price but who do not require the personal nature of planning, developing and creating the ceremony offered in the other two packages. There is no rehearsal provided with this package.

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